Cracked Mouth Corners – How to Escape from this Health Predicament

Agnular Cheilitis - Cracked Mouth CornersHave you experienced not being able to talk properly due to having cracked mouth corners? Looking at yourself in the mirror, you would be able to think about how you could possibly answer your friends’ inquiry regarding the extra redness in the corners of your mouth. This could even be the reason why you would think of using a scarf or a mask to hide the visible effects of these cracked corners of your mouth which are actually the result of Angular Cheilitis developing. Additionally, your appetite may even change too because this condition may bring difficulty in eating and drinking. For sure, you would likely find a way to incur the least pain on the corners of your mouth.

Angular Cheilitis

The number one reminder that you should put in mind when you have Angular Cheilitis which manifests itself in your cracked mouth corners is that you should keep the affected area as dry as possible. Even if you can already see your dry and chapped lips, you should keep your tongue to its proper place. Avoid licking the area and you may be saved sooner than later from this health predicament. Wetting the cracked mouth corner would worsen your condition.

You should also avoid drinking any hot beverage. Thus, you should keep away from the coffee maker or your teapot if you are used to drinking hot coffee or tea. Acidic drinks are also big no no’s. Acid will only irritate the area even more. Thus, you should try to stay away from grapefruit, orange juice, and tomato juices as well. If temptation is still strong, you can sip these favorite juices of yours through a straw to keep them off your severe cracked mouth corners.

Your goal while you are still having cracked mouth corners should be to keep the entire affected area dry which is why you should surrender your lip balm to your make up kit for the meantime. The lip balm will keep the moisture in your lips thereby preventing it from drying.

If you wear braces and you have this mouth problem, this could be the result of excessive drooling. You can remedy this by going to your dentist in order to try to adjust your dentures so that you will be able to prevent Angular Cheilitis from harming the corners of your mouth.

Cracked stomatitis mouth corners are painful and ugly. Just get rid of angular cheilitis quickly. A better idea would be to prevent it entirely.