Home Remedies for Split Corner of Mouth

Angular CheilitisHave you already tried losing your appetite due to the reason that you can no longer eat, drink, or speak properly? Then, it would only be fitting that you should find quick angular cheilitis remedies that will save you from this painful and depressing ordeal. Who would be happy if you cannot eat the food that you want to eat due to the pain brought about by a split corner of mouth? This condition is a symptom of Angular Cheilitis. Though this is not a contagious disease however you will still be bothered nonetheless.

Angular Cheilitis Cure

If you want to save yourself from further pain due to the split corners of mouth, you should take three important steps if you are so keen in finding the remedies for this condition. First, examine each of the possible causes of the angular cheilitis. Second, tend to your current problem which is the split corner of mouth and other symptoms as well by relieving the pain that you feel brought about by these symptoms. Lastly, do everything that you can to stop the disease from happening to you again.

Your doctors would likely prescribe some creams and medications but they may not actually address the root cause of the condition. On the other hand, natural home remedies would eliminate the causes and prevent Angular Cheilitis from happening again.

One of the subtle causes of Angular Cheilitis which leads to the split corner of mouth would be the constant moisture on these areas. Excessive moisture will make it prone to attacks by fungi or bacteria. This would be when angular cheilitis infection will start to set in.

Some of the habits that you should stop doing to avoid Angular Cheilitis would be finger sucking, pen biting, and having wrongly fitted dentures. Lack of Vitamin B-12 is also another cause. By identifying these possible causes, you can now have your home remedies. For dentures, you should go back to your dentist so that certain adjustments to it can be made. Use bitter solution on your finger so that you would keep yourself from biting them yet again. You can also apply a little bit of petroleum jelly if your lips are not chapped. This will at least relieve your pain every time you try to open your mouth.

Knowing the home remedies is not enough; you should know the best ways to prevent the disease in the first place so that you will not have to deal with split corner of mouth problems.