Therapeutic Remedy for Pain Caused By Stomatitis Mucositis and Cachexia

Angular StomatitisThe existing remedy for pain caused by Stomatitis Mucositis and Cachexia as a reaction for chemotherapy in oncology patients initially comprises of L-glutamine, Vitamins A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and selenium in oral form. The intake of glutamine lozenges should also be done for the remainder of the day so as to get rid of the pain.

Patients reveal that much relief is felt after the regular oral rinsing with a glutamine suspension. They say that the painful effects of Stomatitis Mucositis and Cachexia as result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy are considerably reduced right after the mouthwash is swished all over the mouth and an additional oral dose is given as an adjunct for the next 14 days.

Angular Cheilitis

Another significant finding concerns the use of nasogastric glutamine-supplement tube feedings to successfully administer the dose to paediatric patients who are undergoing cancer treatments. This procedure will result to an improvement in their nutrition status, making them less susceptible to disease and other kinds of infection.

The most popular method for the administration of proper oncology treatment is continuous infusion. In this procedure, the treatment agents can be continuously fed to the tumor to completely eradicate them. This technique has been proven to be more efficacious; however, it has caused differing levels of toxicity on the patient causing Stomatitis Mucositis and Cachexia. Mucositis which is the inflammation of the mucous membrane and stomatitis, the inflammation of the oral mucosa is often because of the result of the administration of continuous infusion. If the medication is administered in parts, less toxicity is observed, however due to the effectiveness of the technique, the mentioned effects are sometimes disregarded.

Glutamine supplementation has been found to be a good protective barrier for the gut and oral tissues. By providing the body with enough protection, patients that are undergoing chemotherapy and other radiation treatments can better receive treatment without the fear of developing Stomatitis Mucositis and Cachexia. In fact, many patients who supplement considerably with Glutamine have higher survival rates. By successfully maintaining normal cardiac glutathione levels, cardio-toxicity is significantly lessened and live is prolonged.

It is actually safe to ingest about 10 grams of glutamine per day. If, however, the body is subjected to more metabolic or catabolic stress, 20 to 40 grams of glutamine may be needed. Pills and capsules can be quite costly so a powdered version of the drug is often preferred. It is very easy to use, easily tolerated by the body and also absorbed very well. With daily supplementation of glutamine in its powdered form you can effectively alleviate pain symptoms and control the painful effects of chemotherapy.

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