Are You Suffering from Chronic Cheilitis?

Chronic Angular CheilitisCheilitis is a condition that is characterized by the chapping of lips and the formation lesions on the cracked corners of the mouth. There really is no specific reason yet, as to why this condition develops in a person and since the pain associated to chronic Cheilitis can be truly excruciating, people go to great lengths to try to alleviate their pain. The most important thing is to first identify what causes the problem because that way you can address the condition right form the beginning before it develops into the full blown form or much worse, chronic Cheilitis.

Angular Cheilitis

People can develop chronic Cheilitis because of many reasons:

  • A person with poor nutrition will lack the right levels of iron needed by the blood and a deficiency in Vitamin B12 can make the body more susceptible to the disease. Apart form this, improper diet can also increase the person’s risk of developing the disease. If the body’s defenses are down because of poor nutrition, it will not be able to fight infection as efficiently as it should. To keep yourself from developing chronic Cheilitis, avert the situation right away. Make sure that your body receives ample supplementation and see to it that you provide your body the chance to battle disease.
  • Some people can also develop Cheilitis as an effect of prolonged medication. Some prescription medication can result to the formation of lesions and if left untreated this condition can lead to chronic Cheilitis. Consult a physician, right away, to successfully get rid of the symptom. Perhaps a change of medication would suffice but do not do so unless your doctors tell you to do so.
  • Allergy to skin products and cosmetics can also give rise to Cheilitis. Outbreaks can cause slits or craters on the skin and these areas on the face can be an ideal location of bacteria to thrive. Maintain smooth and flawless skin by making sure that you always use products that are safe for your skin type and protect your lips with lip balms all the time.

Do not let yourself become a victim of this disease. As simple as it seems, it can be truly frustrating. Find a solution to your problem and keep the situation from getting worse and this can be done efficiently by pinpointing the culprit right from the beginning. You do not have to suffer another sleepless night writhing in pain. End your miseries now and say goodbye to chronic Cheilitis.