Angular StomatitisAngular Stomatitis is a very unsightly lesion to have. Located mostly on the lip area, people who are affected with this need to endure not only the physical pain related to these lesions, they also have to endure a period of unattractiveness, for these lesions or “wounds” cannot be concealed in any way.

Apart from the above concerns, there are certain myths about the disease that have been going around for quite some time now and this article will finally put an end to all the nonsense and shed light to the truth.

Angular Cheilitis

  1. Angular Stomatitis is not, in any way, related to cold sores or herpes. The manifestation of the disease could be quite similar, chapped lips, cracked mouth corners and dry mouths; nevertheless, it should be understood that it is not to be treated like either of those mentioned because it is an entirely different disease.
  2. Angular Stomatitis is not contagious and most often, the person affected by it feels worse than he should because people around him tend to alienate him or the person himself will try to avoid everyone. There is nothing to fear about it, however unsightly it may be.

In other words, even though Angular Stomatitis looks and seems like the contagious cold sore and herpes, the truth is — it is not. A number of likely candidates develop the disease more than others. Knowledge of this would prepare or warn you so do note the following:

  • The elderly gets affected by the disease more. It can affect people of all ages but studies have shown a great predilection to older individuals.
  • People that suffer from certain allergies and skin conditions like atopic dermatitis, seborrhoeic are likely to develop it.
  • People that use the acne treatment, isotretinoin, are also found to develop the disease much greater than others.
  • People with generally weaker immune systems, as well as those who have very unhealthy diets or are malnourished, become easy targets of the disease.
  • People who are also vitamin deficient become considerably prone to the disease because their systems are too weak to ward it off.

Great consideration should be given to taking in vitamins and certain minerals in order to sufficiently equip one’s self from developing this very dreadful disease. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin), Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) and Vitamin B12 (Cynocobalamin) and iron are among the most essential vitamins and nutrients that can provide you with good defenses for the disease. Do not let yourself be a victim.