How to Get Rid Of Vaginal Redness Naturally



Vaginal candidiasis or vaginal yeast infection is a disease usually occurring in the vagina. This is named as such because this comes from the growth of Candida in the vagina which ideally, should be present in small numbers only. When they exceed their normal population, the result is yeast infection. The most common sign of this disease is vaginal redness. Though women may also experience vaginal redness on normal health conditions, if it comes with yellowish discharge, painful sexual intercourse and urination, this may be a telltale sign of yeast infection.

When in doubt about the condition, a doctor’s consultation would be a better way to clarify. There are also women who like to relieve themselves of the discomfort brought about by vaginal redness. Though this is not the solution to the problem, relief may also come from certain ways but for a short period of time only.

Prescription medicines, together with anti-fungal creams, are taken and applied, respectively, as pain relievers. It should be understood though that the effect is not long lasting and there is an accompanying risk of encouraging the progress of the disease.
Women who are more secretive, and do not want to consult with a doctor, use home remedies, which are also temporary solutions to the problem at hand.

Some women who are firm believers of being ‘safe than sorry’ would advocate proactive measures for instance, wearing loose clothes and using safe and clean toiletries to stop the abnormal growth of Candidiasis.

However, the long-term cure of this condition would be through a holistic approach. Not only will there be pain relief and freedom from discomfort but also a well-oriented mind to cure the trauma, a healthier diet, and better sanitation both inside and out. This holistic approach will give the patients more chances of shielding themselves against the disease for a longer period of time.

Usually vaginal redness is caused by vaginal yeast infection although that is not always the case. Sometimes redness appear because of irritation from “dry sex” or the absence of lubrication during sex. Redness can also be the result of using strong douching liquids which irritates the area of the vulva. You can only assume that the redness comes from vaginal yeast infection if there is itching, swelling and vaginal discharge that looks like cottage cheese. This discharge does not even have bad smell sometimes. There is also the burning sensation during sex although any vaginal irritation is usually accompanied by pain and burning sensation during and after sex.



So far, the only sure ways on how to take the redness away brought about by vaginal yeast infection is getting rid of the infection itself and you can start by using home treatment and practical tips such as these.

1.  While you have the vaginal redness, avoid intercourse for the meantime so that you will have time to heal the infected part.
2. Do not scratch the irritated part. If there is itching relieve it with cold water compress.
3. To get rid of the Candida that are living in your underpants, boil all your underpants or you can soak them in bleach for 24 hours and wash it using unscented soap.
4. Iron your cotton underwear to kill Candida that thriving there.
5. As a means of prevention, always wear loose clothing to prevent moisture build-up in your crotch or groin areas. This is advisable for both men and women.

Remember that male yeast infection and vaginal yeast infection exist because there are parts of our bodies that cannot be relieved of moisture. How to get rid of the redness caused by vaginal yeast infections sometimes only require time for its healing after medication is applied. But as long as there are infections going on the redness will stay.