Soy and Soy Products: Foods to Avoid During Yeast Infections



Soy and soy products like soy milk and soy bean curd or tofu are often considered as health foods because these are good sources of protein for those in a strict vegan diet. But the protein in soy will never be the same grade as protein found in meats and other sources. Soy also goes through quite a bit of processing to become milk or tofu, and this makes matters worse in general.

The Anti-Nutrients in Soy Beans

For all the accolades given to the soybean, there are a few facts about it that are glossed over. Like the fact that soybeans contain many substances that can have a negative effect on the body’s systems and processes. Here are a few examples:

1. Substances that inhibit protein digestion by blocking other enzymes like trypsin, which can cause protein deficiency, which actually makes it a poor protein substitute.
2. Haemagglutinin- this is a substance that causes blood cells to clump together and form clots, which can cause blockages in the blood vessels, and are especially dangerous if the clots form near or on the heart valves.
3. Pesticides that are often used in soybeans that are not completely washed off before processing.
4. Phytates or phytic acid- this substance can block the absorption of trace minerals like magnesium, iron, calcium, and most especially zinc.
5. Phytoestrogens- these mimic the presence of the hormone estrogen in the body, and can put the body’s endocrine system askew.
6. B12 analogs- another “mimic” that can fool the body. These analogs are not useful to the body and will act to increase the need of the body for more vitamin B12.
7. Aluminum- this is toxic to the body, particularly the nervous system and the kidneys.

How it can affect a yeast infection

Overall, these substances can cause the body to weaken, and not be able to control a yeast infection. In particular, the substances that are of special concern should be the phytoestrogen that can fool the body’s endocrine system, and the haemagglutinin along with the enzyme inhibitors that wreak havoc to the body’s health. These substances are deactivated by the fermentation process, so products like miso, tamari, and shoyu are acceptable.

Another thing about soybean and soy-based foods that makes them unappealing for Candida diet is that they contain large quantities of “anti-nutrients” (toxins) as well as potent enzyme distributors. These elements can block the enzymes that are required for the digestion of protein which the body needed. The inhibitors in the soybean are not usually deactivated even when cooked so once we eat soybeans these inhibitors can cause bloating, gastric distress, and reduction of digestion with other protein and deficiencies of amino acids.

When used in test animals, the enzyme distributors have caused enlargement and damage to the pancreas and thyroids of the animals. Cancer also showed up as one of the causes. What is more alarming with soybeans is their haemagglutinin content which can clot the red blood cells thus very hazardous to people who are hypertensive and have coronary heart diseases.



The link between yeast infections and the negative properties of soy and soy products comes from the fact that Soya contains a very high percentage content of pesticides in them. According to some experts, almost 99 percent of these plants are genetically modified. When pesticides and other unknown properties enter the bloodstream, the body can go in shock and may cause paralysis in some parts of the bodies. Nerves and tissues may die because that is how pesticides work. In this case we maybe consuming high amount of pesticides while eating soya products and this can literally damage us from the inside.

Soybeans also have high phytic acid and this acid can block the absorption of essential nutrients like calcium, copper, magnesium, iron and zinc in the intestinal tracts. If we are lacking these important nutrients then we become malnourished, have low immunity in our bodies and will be very prone to yeast infections like vaginal infections, oral thrush, intestinal yeas infections and the like. There would not be any effective cure and treatment for these infections unless we stop for a while our consumption of soybeans. If you got rid of your fungal infection by stopping momentarily consuming soy products then without the doubt the soy products you love to eat may be the culprit.