There are many symptoms that may come with yeast infection. One of these is vaginal burning. The burning sensation will likely be accompanied by the itching of the vagina. If you feel these two symptoms of yeast infection, it cannot be questioned further that the twin of the disease is really discomfort.

However, the discomfort that you may feel can find relief in natural ways and cures. Unsweetened yogurt and garlic can be applied to the affected area in order to relieve it of the burning and itching sensation. But these two can be quite inconvenient to apply if you are a busy person.

When using garlic and yogurt, you should expect that the outcome would be messy and would not give you immediate results of relief. At first, they may even add up to the discomfort that you are already feeling. Instead of focusing on your work, your concentration might get distracted as you try hard to keep the yogurt from dripping or to keep the garlic in place where you have initially put it. It might not also be ideal to go to work smelling like spice as garlic can come off as odorous. You may resent its smell despite the fact that it is an effective cure to the burning and itching sensation in your vagina.

There are other natural remedies that you can opt to do or apply but you should give them a try first and see which you will be most comfortable with.

Comfort is one of the things that push man to become innovative, which is why there are already easy to use garlic and yogurt cure. They are now packaged in tablets, though the speed of their effectiveness might be slowed down a bit compared to the direct but messy application.

Another medical option that you can take is that which will allow you to take prescription medications or counter remedies. When you resort to this path, you will take the most painless and the neatest way towards the cure. There are also available creams that can be applied to the vagina to heal it. Others can opt to take one tablet of Diflucan to solve the problem.

When a more natural way is opted for, there is the use of apple cider vinegar. In a bathtub full of warm water, just put one-half cup of apple cider vinegar and soak in it while you spread your legs apart. You can also put in droplets of rose essence to a tub filled with three quarters of water. A half cup of sea salt can be added to the water in the same way.

Furthermore, since we are now talking about home remedies to comfort vaginal irritation, itching and burning here are some advices you could also consider.

1. If you are prone to vaginal yeast infection you must avoid the frequent use of scented toilet paper or feminine pads. Do not use creams, feminine sprays, bubble baths or douches if they are highly scented. The chemicals that are usually used on these products can irritate sensitive parts of your vagina.

2. In washing or bathing, use only water and plain unscented soap but avoid washing more than twice a day to avoid dryness. Over dried skin will bring about burning sensation in your genital areas.

3. In wiping after having your bowel movement always wipe from front to back to avoid spreading dirt and microorganisms on the vaginal area. If harmful organisms settled on your vaginal canal, the result is surely an infection and irritation.

4. Condoms are the most important tools in preventing STD and fungal infections when it comes to sexual intercourse. However, you must be aware of the condoms your partner is using because if you have the burning sensation after having sex then you may be allergic to the rubber your partner is using. Allergic reactions can bring about irritation and burning sensations in the vaginal area especially after having sex.

5. If you are always experiencing vaginal dryness you are also prone to vaginal itching and burning sensation so when having sex use vaginal moisturizer first.



6. To get rid of Candida infection, you must avoid having sex while the infection has not completely gone away. You can determine the presence of infections if there are still some symptoms.

There are also over-the-counter drugs which can help women eliminate vaginal irritation and burning and most of the time these are effective because some of them are made from natural products so they produce cooling and soothing effect while the treatment is going on.